Christin Marie Johnson



Welcome to my backyard paradise, the green place that inspires my thinking and keeps me spiritually connected. Pull up a lawn chair and bask in the green ambiance. 

A Not So "Type-A" Suit


I love to observe and document nature, mostly human nature. Some like bird watching, my favorite is people watching. I watch how people interact with others, observe their fashion and draw conclusions about their lives. When I see interesting bone structures, behaviors or cool mustaches I'm captivated and drawn to ask them questions, on occasion I'll ask to take their picture to capture my find. 

 My affinity to observing and approaching people enlightens my curiosity. I find interesting stories within tribes of people. These stories serve as opportunities for communication between audiences and businesses. My hope is for understanding and mutually beneficial impact. My tool of choice is a camera to document my findings; my subculture film is a great example of this. I may be a little unconventional, but there is beauty in the process.

Look alive, you may be next on my people-to-watch list.

First Project: Feisty Product Idea

I stood up to the toughest professor in the school by being a walking chalkboard. The project was to make a T-shirt, but the professor embarrassed one of my friends in class, pointing out that she didn't know the definition to the word "trope". I was indignant so I decided my T-shirt needed to be a billboard to stand up for my friend and to make a point to the professor. I came into class with a T-shirt made from a clear plastic garment bag and the definition for "trope" written on the front in chalk. I stayed up all night cutting, stitching and glueing all to sweat in it during class to get back at the professor. 

The professor ended up loving it as an interesting T-shirt protector, not my intention.


My Accidental Discovery of Advertising

  1.  I’m a grown woman and still struggle to open a fruit cup package
  2. This frustration lead me to care enough about problems to meet someone about creative problem solving
  3. The "someone" I met was a professor and introduced me to my second high school experience at the Brandcenter


Further Instructions

If you’d like to know more about my experience in advertising check out my work. If you’d like to know more about me, take a stroll below. 


Life is green: fresh, natural, alive. 

You may catch me in my paradise attire living that green life.