Christin Marie Johnson
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Product Innovation and Campaign: Claire's

Product Innovation and Campaign

The Ask

Create an innovative comeback for Claire's

To Start: We Gave Claire's a voice

Claire's was struggling with their identity. They started as the ear-piercing experts, but as they grew they lost their roots and catered to too many audiences. The one audience that fit for them was the young girl and tween market. The poster below is an example of the "Big Sister" voice we envisioned for young girls to follow and be inspired by.

Copy Written by   Caroline Gallalee  Art Directed by Jasmine McCrae

Copy Written by  Caroline Gallalee Art Directed by Jasmine McCrae


As girls age they gain independence from their mothers. They look to influencers to help them explore who they are and express themselves. One way girls express themselves at this age is by piercing their ears for the first time. This moment in time is a right of passage, a coming of age for these girls. Claire's can be the Big Sister role model these girls need to learn self-expression in a controlled parent approved manner.

Current Situation


Turn the ear piercing experience into a celebration of self-expression.

Consumer Journey and Solutions



  • Claire's observational store visits
  • Interviews with Claire's staff and customers
  • Interviews with girls and moms
  • Secondary research (Mintel/Simmons)


Creative Solutions

  • Magnetic Earrings
  • Retail Refresh
  • Celebrate Box
  • Claire's App


A Brandcenter group project for Claire's. A way to keep your earrings in your ears after piercing and still change the style.

The team

Jen Moody - CBM/ Christin Johnson - Strategist/ Jasmine McCrae - AD/ Elliot Eliash - AD/ Caroline Gallalee - CW