Christin Marie Johnson

Subculture Film: Hip Hop Mom Breaking Cultural Boundaries (Click for Sound)

Film of Hip Hop mom crossing cultural boundaries

Subculture Film: Breaking Cultural Boundaries

A dive into the life of a street Hip Hop mom

Shot, directed and edited by me

I dove into the world of Hip Hop dance crews of Richmond Va and found an interesting story starring the beautiful soccer mom Amanda 'Mandy ' Helmlinger. A classically trained dance instructor and mom of four turned street Hip Hop instructor. Mandy's passion for helping kids allows her to break the typical understanding of who should be an authority on Hiphop, especially when it involves inner city kids. As a white middle class woman Mandy has gained respect in the communitykeeping kids of various backgrounds on a positive path while breaking cultural boundaries to do so. This film gives a brief history of Hip Hop and Mandy's story of how she started Richmond Urban Dance Company.

Breaking Cultural Boundaries: Richmond Urban Dance