Christin Marie Johnson

Digital Product Innovation: Google Integration

Digital Product Innovation


Create an experience that alleviates the hassle of food exploration by combining existing data served up to the consumer in real-time that leverages habits surrounding food and weather.


Target Situation

Craving Foodies in need of a food fix. This target is cultured and loves to learn about new food options; food is a hobby so the same places can get boring. There is a strong need for variety. They are natural Googlers and search everything using their phones.  They don’t subscribe to one app for necessities like weather nor food, they are free agents searching for the best and most readily available info on hand at the time. (gut decision/instinct)



Just as weather dictates our wardrobe decisions, people don’t mind releasing the burden of searching  and making decisions when there’s a trusted decision maker for them. 


Weather and Food are the top searched items on mobile, and in some locations people eat based on the weather. Weather dictates how we live our day-to-day lives and food is an everyday necessity. 


Consumer Opportunity 

Everyone wants to explore their food options, but it’s a hassle to put in the work to find it. There are apps that help find food, but they don’t cater to the immediacy and minimal searching this culture needs which ends up in a frustrating food hunt. The hunt is long because of doubt and distrust in the information.


The Brand Partner

Google is a data guru, they collect information and use it in fun and quirky ways. Google is also trusted by many as a reliable source of information. 





Real-time food options by the degree: Let the weather decide


Introducing Tastetemp


Components of Innovation: Tastetemp

  1. Food Exploration (necessity/hobby)
  2. immediacy/real-time (ease)
  3. Decision making peace (ease)
  4. Culture (curiosity)
  5. Data curation (ease/minimal) use weather info and top food searches from years previous, info Google has, to predict food options today
  6. Weather checking habits (existing leverage)


Why Believe It’ll Work?

  • 90% of people read less than 10 reviews about a place to eat before forming an opinion, they don’t enjoy the work of the hunt.
  • Iphone users look for food on mobile most, Android users look for weather most. Combining these two data points through a neutral party will win over both types of users for Google.
  • Google is the 3rd ranked place foodies look for additional info about a restaurant after WOM.
  • Restaurants that use Google adwords or participate in another Google application will be able to use this to their advantage, providing new places for foodies to try.
  • Google is known for quirky ways of combining data and allowing consumers to interact with it in a functional and fun way.

Surabhi Batra CBM/ Christin Johnson Strategist/ Lizzy Hopkinson CW/ Kelly Paget XD/ Jake Broglio AD/ Hector Rivas AD